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All the AIM-supporting apps in the App Store need some new features to improve the user experience. Here is what I mean.


Lets use a fake scenario to show the negatives of other applications that support faux push messaging. Granted, AIM doesn’t have this at all, but its still annoying as you will soon see. Basically, if an application like Beejive is logged in while the application is closed, it acts like a normal desktop client, and sends the messages it receives to your email account if you choose. But heres where it gets ugly… You are logged in at your PC or Mac and strike up a conversation with somebody on AIM… well Beejive or Mobilechat or IM+ will think “Hey, you’ve got a message!” and start sending each response to your email inbox or even worse, your SMS. This can quickly become aggravating, especially after all the new mail buzzes or beeps, or just the clutter that ruins your inbox. Worse, it can cost MONEY since SMS push eats away from your monthly allocation.


However, the apps should work in an entirely different way. Lets give an example. Your iPhone is open and unlocked with AIM open in the foreground. AIM should be able to identify which client is involved in the messaging and restrict the sending of IM’s to that device. If I initiate for the iPhone, responses should not go to the computer, and vice versa. Yes, of course if someone IM’s me for the first time it should go to both, but at least only send it to one device once I respond.


The official AIM app actually has one feature that is welcome, but is only a minor step to perfection. Logging in on the iPhone will not prompt the multiple user message if another client is logged in. Although this may be a negative for those who do not feel secure about the people who can access their computers, for most people it is helpful and convenient.


More reviews on the way…