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Ahh Emoji. The age old mystery. Just kidding. In a nutshell, Emoji are these emoticons that are all the rage in Japan. The iPhones in Japan have these icons, but unfortunately for some people, they are not available on other iPhones throughout the world. Emoji are only viewable to others if your message receivers have iPhones… but some people still really, really, really, really want them.

And so obviously people have made solutions, some that don’t even require Jailbreaking.


So lets discuss Typing Genius, which is actually a great application in its own right that adds the little bonus of unlocking Emoji on stateside iPhones and iPod Touches. This app has a myriad of different typing tests to help you improve your CPM speeds and be a better emailer, texter, IMer, googler, you name it. And the practice tests are actually very intuitive. Each run has options for a portrait, landscape, or portrait without auto correct keyboard. There are options for left hand, right hand, common words, phrases, sentences, and more! And your results (as long as the errors <5%) are even added to a graph showing progress over time – now thats good thinking. Overall, the application is very straightforward, but I can definitely see it helping my typing speed tremendously. One extra feature is a competition mode between two users – but I have not extensively tested that mode yet.

From my experience of the app, there is really only one (and a half?) negative(s) that I can think of. First of all, during one of the typing tests, if your characters become displaced one spot to the right or left due to an extra space lets say, none of the letters will match up and your mistakes will increase in percentage before your eyes. Also, and this is not the apps fault at all but just a general idea, enabling Emoji will diminish your 123 keyboard button to half size due to the new international keyboard button to access Emoji.


Overall, the typing skills practice definitely makes this application worth the $.99. At this time there is a free application in the app store for Emoji, but get this application – thank me later when you’re typing at double speed.