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Many wifi subscription services require the constant input of login and password after each connection to a hotspot.  If your ISP has its own wifi service, like Optimum Wifi, you probably have already noticed how aggravating it is to log in after every random disconnect.

Easy Wifi is here to alleviate the problem. Basically it is able to analyze the hotspot that you are connected to and then input the credentials that you supply in the “My Wifi” tab. The app cannot connect automatically however. You must open the application once after you connect to the wifi. Then it will automatically log in for you; sounds great right!

There are only a few caveats though. First of all, the whole app has a pretty subpar interface. It feels very much like a web application, and the custom tabs can only be accessed with an internet connection. You cannot input passwords unless you can access the net. Also, Easy Wifi cannot log into just any wifi connection. The hotspot has to be on its internal list of providers that it knows how to deal with. Therefore, depending on your situation, it might have limited use to you.

Overall, the application works properly and does what it’s advertised to do.