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iPhone 3GS Review
By: David Kaufman

We’ve all been waiting for the iPhone 3GS since June 8th – its finally here, and it actually delivers. The S no doubt stands for speed, and the briskness of the operation system is just astounding. The 2G and 3G iPhones always felt like they were struggling with standard tasks – web pages opened slowly, applications lagged because of low memory, and the phone sometimes just locked up for short periods of time until it could regain its bearings and finish your command. Well the 3GS literally rips apart anything you can throw at it. The hardware is optimized tremendously and really behaves how the first iPhones should have. The speed is especially notable in graphically intensive games such as Tap Tap Revenge 2 – there is no doubt that the arrival of the 3GS will spur even higher top scores due to the incredible lack of noticeable video lag…

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The 3GS with voice control!

The 3GS with voice control!